Ohio Auto Dealer Adds Mighty Auto Parts Franchise

Ohio Auto Dealer Adds Mighty Auto Parts Franchise

We are extremely proud to announce a new partnership with Parkway Auto Group, who have acquired a Mighty Auto Parts distribution franchise. The Ohio-based auto dealership group becomes just the latest auto group to purchase a Mighty franchise to support their operations.

Founded by Glenn Mears, Sr. in 1957, Parkway Auto Group now owns four dealerships on “Green Auto Mile” in Dover, Ohio: Parkway Honda, Parkway Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram, Parkway Ford/Lincoln, and Parkway Nissan. They also operate an independent service shop out of their former Suzuki dealership. We’re extremely proud to provide these five auto service facilities as well as many of their other wholesale customers such as tire dealers, quick lubes, service shops, and other dealerships located within their exclusive territory.

“Having a Mighty division will help us build additional internal profits by controlling the parts we put on our used cars during reconditioning while also helping us better service all makes and models,” said Glenn Mears, III, the current owner and principal dealer of Parkway Auto Group. “We’re just really excited to have Mighty as a partner to assist us in reaching our goals. And, although we are just getting started, we are already looking forward to future expansion opportunities with Mighty.”

Through this partnership, Parkway Auto Group will be able to directly provide both its own dealer service and parts departments as well as service shops and other customers with OE quality wholesale parts that they need for their businesses to run smoothly. Mighty also provides proven inventory management services to ensure all businesses have what they need to run and have easy access to get what they need quickly from a local distribution plant.

“We are thrilled to partner with such an impressive organization as Parkway Auto Group,” said Mighty President and CEO Ken Voelker. “This venture is well-positioned to benefit both teams. For Parkway, we look forward to supporting their growth and success within their own dealerships as well as their outside wholesale customers. For Mighty, we are excited to expand our brand presence in a new market.”

This is just the latest in a series of new partnerships between Mighty Auto Parts and auto dealership groups looking for a practical and convenient way to obtain and manage their auto parts distribution needs. Mighty’s wide selection of parts and unparalleled business support makes us an ideal partner for these businesses who demand the best in part availability and management.

About Mighty Auto Parts

Mighty Auto Parts is a franchisor of auto parts distribution businesses. Their unique approach of working exclusively and directly with automotive professionals allows them to provide high-quality wholesale parts as well as inventory management, training, support, and much more. To date, the Norcross, Georgia based franchisor supports more than 100 distributors in 44 states and five international markets around the world.

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