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If you keep up with recent industry trends, you have likely heard about vertical integration. The concept of controlling your supply chain is not new – and it is certainly not new to Mighty. In fact, we have been offering our vertical integration strategy to multi‐location automotive service providers for 25 years.

Today, we are aligned with 19 tire dealer groups, 10 quick lube/auto service groups, and 14 car dealership groups that represent more than 600 retail locations across the U.S. These organizations added a Mighty Auto Parts franchise to their portfolio of companies as a way to increase efficiencies, add profits, and diversify with a related business. Through their Mighty divisions, these companies supply Mighty’s OE‐quality, preventive maintenance products to their own locations as well as to outside wholesale customers.

Benefits include:

  • Capturing margins paid to outside suppliers
  • Optimizing store‐level inventory and improving coverage
  • Increasing retail efficiencies and ticket averages
  • Establishing a uniform stocking environment through all stores
  • Allowing for better control of product quality and pricing

Hear From Our Mighty Owners

  • Mighty Auto Parts Ted Neilson, Jiffy Lube

    "To be able to access the training and resources that Mighty has for our managers and lube technicians is amazing."

    Ted Neilson, Jiffy Lube
  • Mighty Auto Parts Sally Thomas, Thomas Tire & Automotive

    "Having a Mighty division is beneficial to our company on many levels. One way is that it allows us to keep a lot of profits in-house. It also allows us to be consistent throughout our retail service centers. We are able to provide consistency in brand, product quality, inventory, pricing, and staff training. What I would say to other retail tire operators is - add Mighty to your list of things to do."

    Sally Thomas, Thomas Tire & Automotive
  • Mighty Auto Parts Steve Sanner, Jiffy Lube of Indiana

    "My partners and I have been in franchising for decades, and I would say, emphatically, that we have never had the degree of support from other franchises that we have had from Mighty. They have been cooperative, proactive, and a hands-on partner throughout the entire experience – not just during the initiation phase, but also on an ongoing, day-in, day-out basis."

    Steve Sanner, Jiffy Lube of Indiana
  • Mighty Auto Parts Randall S. Simpson, WLR (Wash-Lube-Repair) Automotive Group

    "In addition to helping us be more profitable, our Mighty business has helped our entire organization in so many ways. It’s impossible to quantify the benefits, but they are certainly significant. We love Mighty!"

    Randall S. Simpson, WLR (Wash-Lube-Repair) Automotive Group
  • Mighty Auto Parts Mike Holmes, Virginia Tire

    "Our Mighty operation supports our core business and makes us better. From a pure financial aspect, our Mighty franchise has been a success and we expect profitability to grow. However, where we have seen the biggest positive impact is through the many intangible benefits that Mighty brings to the table."

    Mike Holmes, Virginia Tire
  • Mighty Auto Parts Jay Greenfield, Jiffy Lube |Tuffy

    "In addition to our Mighty operations, we have 47 Jiffy Lubes and five Tuffy Auto Service franchises. Initially, we added Mighty as a way to take control of our supply line. We started out by serving our Jiffy Lube stores and gradually built our outside business. Mighty has given us the opportunity to expand, and, more importantly, to expand profitably. Quick lube groups should consider adding a Mighty division because it can reduce your cost of goods, you will be able to give your stores great service that they won’t get from other vendors, and it can make you a lot of money. Mighty is a serious business that will help your quick lubes."

    Jay Greenfield, Jiffy Lube |Tuffy

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