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These car dealerships made the decision to supply themselves and diversify their revenue by integrating a Mighty wholesale distribution business.

Benefits of Partnering with Mighty
  • Another Vertical Capture More Margins Internally Learn More

    Does your dealership operate body shops, quick lubes, car washes, or rental car facilities? If so, you know the power of integrating an aligned business to drive revenue, reduce costs and control the supply chain. Adding a Mighty wholesale distribution division of automotive parts and supplies helps you keep more of your margins on the products and services you offer your customers.

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  • Control Spending Lower Reconditioning & Other Costs Learn More

    Leveraging your collective buying power and consolidating suppliers can significantly reduce your fixed operations costs. Purchasing products like reconditioning kits, detailing products, tire repair, batteries, shop supplies, lubricants, and more from your own Mighty wholesale distribution division helps manage your supply chain and reduce administrative burdens.

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  • Diversification New Revenue & Profit Streams Learn More

    Selling, leasing and servicing cars is not enough anymore. You need new ways to generate revenue and profit. Adding your own Mighty wholesale distribution division generates new revenue from both internal and external customers while enhancing profit margins for your dealership.


If you talk to George Waikem II at Waikem Auto Group (Mighty franchisee since 2002), he will tell you, “Partnering with Mighty helps us accomplish three huge things. The first is maximizing gross profit in our service drives on low-to-medium margin jobs. An extra few dollars of gross can make an oil change a profit generator as opposed to a loss leader. The second is that we insulate ourselves from the whims of our manufacturers when it comes to their ever-changing parts programs. Now, we’re not afraid of saying ‘No’ when they push the latest, greatest program ‘If you’ll just buy X quantity of Y’ their way to save the dealership money. Finally, by wholesaling to other local shops, we open doors for our main parts departments to sell into accounts who may not normally buy from us.”

Get in touch with us to learn more about how adding a Mighty Auto Parts franchise to your company portfolio can benefit your organization.

Hear From Our
  • Owning a Mighty franchise makes a lot of sense for Dick Hannah dealerships. Supplying ourselves allows us to capture the margins on items used for reconditioning as well as disposable gloves, shop supplies and more.
    Shawn Perov, Dick Hannah Dealerships Vancouver, WA
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