•  - Shannon Lemons

    Shannon Lemons

    Olla, LA

    "My parents established one of the very first Mighty franchises. Not only does Mighty provide us with great product programs, but more importantly, they provide tremendous support. This partnership, based on the core values of honesty and integrity, has enabled us to build a multi-million dollar business that employs 27 people and services hundreds of automotive businesses in three states. After four and a half decades of operating as a Mighty Franchise, our family would say this partnership has been a real privilege."

  •  - Scott Accardi, Entrepreneur Business Owner

    Scott Accardi, Entrepreneur Business Owner

    Hudson Valley, NY

    "The home office really looks into the future of the industry making sure they have their eyes on that so we as franchisees don’t fall behind. There’s things that we don’t see as of yet that are coming and I'm confident that Mighty will be in the right game and the right product lines when the time is right. Mighty¬† has a program that is designed to help us grow the business, be profitable and be more efficient. This way were able to educate our customers properly and they're willing to spend money on the products."

  • Shawn Perov, Dick Hannah Dealerships

    Vancouver, WA

    "Owning a Mighty franchise makes a lot of sense for Dick Hannah dealerships. Supplying ourselves allows us to capture the margins on items used for reconditioning as well as disposable gloves, shop supplies and more."

  •  - Jeb Balise, Balise Auto Group

    Jeb Balise, Balise Auto Group

    Springfield, MA

    "Mighty helps us capture a bigger share of the ‘Customer Pay’ service business. By providing more service menu options to our customers with older vehicles, we have been able to grow our service business across all makes and models, boost our customer retention numbers, and enhance our fixed cost absorption. In addition, Mighty’s products and inventory management services help us lower our own used car reconditioning costs and substantially reduce the cycle time of our entire reconditioning process."

  •  - Ted Neilson, Jiffy Lube

    Ted Neilson, Jiffy Lube

    Salt Lake City, UT

    "To be able to access the training and resources that Mighty has for our managers and lube technicians is amazing."

  •  - Michael Harrington, Entrepreneur Business Owner

    Michael Harrington, Entrepreneur Business Owner

    Petersburg, MI

    "What I like most about our franchise is the flexibility. It is very easy to set the hours that work for you, your family and your customers. I am a 2nd generation Mighty franchisee, and my parents are still involved because they love it. Mighty is a really wonderful organization – it’s like a family. They truly care about you and your business."

  •  - Greg Hough, Hough Petroleum

    Greg Hough, Hough Petroleum

    Ewing, NJ

    "Hough Petroleum is a 4th generation gasoline and lubricants distributor. We added a Mighty Auto Parts division in order to enhance the product offering for our customers. Now, we can deliver every product and parts they may need. Essentially, we have become a one-stop shop, which makes us a much more valuable supplier."

  •  - Steve Sanner, Jiffy Lube of Indiana

    Steve Sanner, Jiffy Lube of Indiana

    Indianapolis, IN

    "My partners and I have been in franchising for decades, and I would say, emphatically, that we have never had the degree of support from other franchises that we have had from Mighty. They have been cooperative, proactive, and a hands-on partner throughout the entire experience – not just during the initiation phase, but also on an ongoing, day-in, day-out basis."

  •  - Mike Holmes, Virginia Tire

    Mike Holmes, Virginia Tire

    Fairfax, VA

    "Our Mighty operation supports our core business and makes us better. From a pure financial aspect, our Mighty franchise has been a success and we expect profitability to grow. However, where we have seen the biggest positive impact is through the many intangible benefits that Mighty brings to the table."

  •  - Sally Thomas, Thomas Tire & Automotive

    Sally Thomas, Thomas Tire & Automotive

    Asheboro, NC

    "Having a Mighty division is beneficial to our company on many levels. One way is that it allows us to keep a lot of profits in-house. It also allows us to be consistent throughout our retail service centers. We are able to provide consistency in brand, product quality, inventory, pricing, and staff training. What I would say to other retail tire operators is - add Mighty to your list of things to do."

  •  - Randall S. Simpson, WLR (Wash-Lube-Repair) Automotive Group

    Randall S. Simpson, WLR (Wash-Lube-Repair) Automotive Group

    Fredrick, MD

    "In addition to helping us be more profitable, our Mighty business has helped our entire organization in so many ways. It’s impossible to quantify the benefits, but they are certainly significant. We love Mighty!"

  •  - Hector Ruiz

    Hector Ruiz

    El Paso, TX

    "We started this business in August 2010 and we've been growing ever since. Mighty provides you the opportunity of being an entrepreneur which gives you the agility to manage your own time!"

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